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On this site you will find many resources for teachers of pre-K through third grade. We offer over 200 titles, most available in English as well as Spanish editions. Other languages are also available, such as Chinese, French, German... You may purchase these titles in traditional book format, on CD-ROM or as a Download. Each CD or Download is able to give you so much more than we could possibly provide in a book. Most CD's contain BOTH the English and Spanish black and white reproducibles, as well as full color versions of each page! Imagine not having to spend your summers coloring in samples for the children to see! Simply press a button and print out any page in full color! Plus, you may install the contents of each disk directly on your computer at home as well as at school. You'll never have the problem of forgetting where you've placed your materials again! The CDs are very simple to use. Just pop them into your computer, scroll down to the page you wish, and click to print! It really is that easy! Downloads are even easier! Just click a link and save the contents to your computer!

While looking through our publications, don't forget to click on the covers of each book to see what's inside. There is a description of the contents as well as some sample pages from each book. You can add books to your shopping cart, take things out of your shopping cart, and pay with a credit card when you are ready. Your purchase will be delivered quickly and to your satisfaction.

Need it TODAY?? We offer all of our titles as downloads. You can order them today, print them out and use tomorrow in your classroom. Downloads include black & white student reproducibles, as well as full color teacher samples! You can save these downloads to your computer or to a CD to use over and over again. After you place your order, you will be sent the file(s), via e-mail attachments, by 6:00 p.m. (PST) that same day. (Orders made after 6:00 p.m. will be sent out the following morning.) Our downloads are 100% guaranteed! If you ever have a problem with a download, simply contact us and we will walk you through the process or give you a full refund. Not only are Downloads much more affordable ($4.95 or less) and convenient, there are no shipping charges for Downloads! Now, no matter where you live in the world, you can use our great educational materials!


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On this site you will meet Mr. Kindergarten, also known as Mr. Kohn, a Kindergarten teacher with over 25 years experience in the classroom. As you'll see, he believes in using a combination of teaching strategies in order to reach ALL students. He combines whole language, phonics and whatever else works! He involves the parents in the education of their children through weekly "Paint Days," monthly "End-of-the-Unit" shows, and more. They keep in contact with "Mr. Kindergarten" via his daily e-mail news, weekly printed Newsletter and call him regularly on his cell phone with any questions or concerns (sometimes even when he's on the other side of the country on one of his many speaking engagements!). Click on "Who Is Mr. Kindergarten?" for more information.

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On this site you will find many resources for teachers of pre-K through third grade.
We offer over 200 titles, most available in English as well as Spanish editions.

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You and your students will love our world-famous series of Flip Books, including our popular Beginning Letter Flip Books seen above. Click on FLIP BOOKLETS to see them all! Our titles are now also available on CD-ROM with full color teacher samples included!

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